Weather in Blowing Rock, NC
Blowing Rock weather produces four well-defined seasons, making this quaint NC town a year-round tourist destination. The town of Blowing Rock is located at an elevation of approximately 3,500 feet above sea level so visitors should expect seventy degree summer afternoons with cool evenings and comfortable winters on the ski slopes often with the sun overhead. Spring brings a spectrum of mountain flower blooms and you will discover some of the nation's best "leaf-looking" during the Autumn and Fall months.
Blowing Rock Weather, Fall:
The most popular season of the year to vacation in Blowing Rock are the months encompassing Autumn and Fall. Known for attracting "leaf lookers," thousands upon thousands flock to Blowing Rock to see the changing of the leaves with peak foliage taking place during mid-October. Here you will find a wide spectrum of colors and every shade of red, brown, orange and yellow and this is a time when a favorite past time is just driving your call along America's Highway, the Blue Ridge Parkway, which slices right through the town of Blowing Rock. The Blowing Rock Weather this time of year is quite pleasant with "long-sleeves and shorts" days and chilly evenings, often shared around a fireplace or campfire. The Fall is home to many of the region's most popular festivals and fairs, and this is primarily because of the great weather in Blowing Rock.
Blowing Rock Weather, Summer:
During the summer months, the local population of Blowing Rock booms because the mountains tend to be 15+ degrees cooler than nearby cities. You will find daytime weather rarely eclipsing 80 degrees and evenings often in the mid-60's, perfect for opening windows to let in cool, fresh mountain air. It is no wonder why more and more snow birds (retirees who keep a 2nd home in Florida) are becoming "halfbacks," those that are now calling North Carolina their year-round home, again, due to the wonderful NC Blowing Rock Weather. The beautiful weather allows for all sorts of outdoor fun from sun up to sun down, including hiking, biking, NC Birding, golfing, zip-lining and fishing.
Blowing Rock Weather, Winter:
The winter months bring another type of traveler to Blowing Rock NC, those wanting even cooler temperatures and, of course, snow. The weather in Blowing Rock NC brings about 35 inches of snow to Appalachian Ski Mountain each year for excellent NC Skiing and Snowboarding. Expect an average temperature of about 35 degrees during Blowing Rock's winter months and with this weather comes some great festivals and The winter months bring cooler temperatures and snow to the region. A different crowd enjoys the Blowing Rock, NC weather in the winter. There are four surrounding ski resorts in the High Country. Appalachian Ski Mountain is located in Blowing Rock. Skiers and snowboarders of the southeast come to hit the slopes during the winter months. The average temperature in Blowing Rock, NC is 35 degrees in the winter with about 35 inches of snowfall.
Blowing Rock Weather, Spring:
A popular time of the year to visit as you can expect "Fall-like" weather of 50-65 degrees, but without the Fall rates you may find at the High Country Lodging options or Blowing Rock Rentals [hyperlink]. The blossoms are in full force, especially native rhododendrons, which are among the most popular flowering plant and you will find nature hikes set up specifically to find this species. The wildlife is in abundance and the many species of birds return or pass through from their winter travels.
The weather in Blowing Rock is a major reason Blowing Rock NC continues to be a year-round tourism hot spot for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts of every generation. The High Country has a little bit of everything to share during all four seasons and the Blowing Rock, NC weather can take a lot of the credit. The town of Blowing Rock is as affluent as it is unique. And the Weather in Blowing Rock is as distinct as it is seasonal. Maybe it is time to discover which of Blowing Rock's four seasons will be a part of your Blue Ridge Vacations.